August 6, 2011

Eco-Friendly ‘Green Room’

The location of this Cher impersonator gig was a major film studio backlot.  Impersonators on the gig - me as ‘Cher’, ‘Marilyn Monroe’, ‘Austin Powers’ and ‘Jay Leno’.  And The Beach Boys - the real ones!

After schlepping my suitcases (one for costumes, one for wig) from the off-site parking structure to a studio side entrance, through a security check point, I walked the faux streets until I spotted the water tower looming in the distance - the staging area for the entertainers.

Around the base of the water tower, numerous 8′ tall potted Ficus trees had been placed side by side to form an enclosed area for the ‘green room’.  This truly ‘GREEN rooom was stocked with sandwiches, vege trays, cookies and soft drinks - so it was a popular spot for cast and crew.  How intimate!  As we gazed up at the underbelly of the water tower at the starry sky above, ‘Marilyn’ and I determined this would not do!

As we set out in search of an alternate ‘green room’ with some privacy, guests started to filter in through the not-quite-real city streets.  We found an employee Women’s restroom - OK, not quite the privacy we were looking for, but at least we were all the same gender!  The Women’s restroom may not have been an eco-friendly green room with 8′ Ficus trees, but it was the best darn ‘green room’ on the lot!