August 9, 2010

I’m Melting, I’m Melting

This ‘Cher’ impersonator gig was a few years ago in a coastal city back East.  I worked the gig with ‘Boy George’ and ‘Madonna’ (Like a Virgin era) impersonators.

Guests mixed and mingled in the beautiful outdoor patio area of this nightclub/restaurant/bar where water trickled from a center fountain surrounded by elegant food and drink stations.  It was a chilly evening so everyone was glad for the patio heaters provided for the comfort of the guests.

While the lure of the Karoke machine was too much of a temptation for ‘Boy George’ and ‘Madonna’, I opted to huddle with other guests around the patio heaters as the temperature dropped.

When the gig ended, we were limoed back to our hotel.  As I de-Chered, I noticed a crusty, flattened area in the back of my black, curly 80s Cher wig.  Well - in my desire to stay warm that night, I got a bit more than I bargained for - MY WIG HAD MELTED!!!!!!

Fortunately, my wig was the only thing that melted that night - Glinda must have been nearby!