May 31, 2010

‘La Dolce Vita’?

Early in my career as a Cher impersonator, I agreed to appear at the opening of a beauty salon in a strip mall; I was just starting out - what did I know!  Impersonators hired on this gig - yours truly ‘Cher’, ‘Marilyn Monroe’ and ‘Mae West’ - the living, the dead, and the really dead.

Music blared outside in the parking lot while plastic flags and colorful balloons seemed to flap and bob in unison to the music.  Inside the salon, the three of us - Cher, Marilyn and Mae - greeted curious guests, who wandered in after shopping for bird seed and dog biscuits at the pet store next door.

‘Marilyn’ who wore the iconic halter dress (in updated red sequins and matching red boa), while ‘Mae’ could be heard frequently delivering the famous “Why don’t you come up and see me sometime”, and me (’Cher’) in black leather trying to do my best “Whoa Babe!”, mingled with visitors while they browsed the shampoo displays and nail polish racks.  The scene was quite bizarre and could have been the set of a Federico Fellini movie.

OK - the beauty salon gig was definitely no ‘La Dolce Vita’; but maybe could have qualified for an anti-Oscar!