March 17, 2010

Sign Sign Everywhere A Sign

One of my early Cher impersonator gigs was participating in a parade, along with ‘Liz Taylor’ and ‘Linda Evans’ impersonators (Shoulder Pads Linda).

It was a beautiful So. California afternoon.  Each impersonator was to ride in separate cars.  As I approached “my” car, I noticed a rather large sign attached to the side of the car reading “CELEBRITY DOUBLE”.  Really!  Was this necessary?  Suddenly, I felt like a carnival side show.  Maybe I’ll stop by the local zoo on my way home and see if they need a new exhibit!

I positioned myself atop the back seat of the convertible as the parade commenced.  Feeling embarrassed and humiliated, I reluctantly waved to the onlookers (mostly kids - a tough crowd).  A breeze soon kicked up and my big, black curly 80s Cher wig was flailing in all directions.  Could things get any worse?  Well, it could rain!

Now that I think about it, I wish it had rained - my wig would have stopped flailing, the kids would have gone home and “CELEBRITY DOUBLE” would have dissolved off that blasted sign.