November 27, 2009

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Some years ago at an exclusive desert resort, as ‘Cher’ I worked with ‘Liz Taylor’, ‘Michael Jackson’ and ‘Rocky’ (facial bandages included) impersonators.

The gig involved working the final party on two separate evenings for a company who was introducing and promoting a new heart drug to cardiologists.  These events were lavish - each place setting at the dining tables contained no less than eight pieces of silverware; dining chairs covered in what appeared to be gold lame (too bad Elvis had already left the  building); chandelier and floral centerpieces standing 3′ tall; and of course, a hosted bar.

Doctors and their wives had been flown in from all over the country to attend a week of daytime business sessions, culminating in the gala affair where everyone was dressed to the nines!  Guests dined on seven courses, sipped champagne and danced well into the night.

Fortunately, no one needed a doctor after all the partying, but if they did, there were plenty of them in the house!