February 22, 2009

Party Fit for an Egyptian Princess

This Cher impersonator gig was a costume party thrown annually by a wealthy family on the grounds of their Arabian horse farm.  Impersonators hired for the party included ‘Elvis’, ‘George Michael’, ‘Barbra’, ‘Dolly’, ‘Joan Rivers’, and yours truly, ‘Cher’.

As the impersonators and guests arrived in limos, we were served champagne through the car windows by waiters wearing only tight black pants and black bow ties.

When everyone had arrived and were standing around waiting for the guest of honor, our attention was suddenly directed to eight hot-looking guys, carrying a gilded bed on their shoulders, supporting an Egyptian princess - the Guest of Honor, arriving fashionably late.

For the show, an enormous stage had been erected, complete with a first-class light and sound system.  The impersonators soon learned, however, that “our stage” was a foot-high riser about the size of a dining room table, located off to the side, complete with plastic lattice-work and an artificial plant.  (I am sure Cleopatra never would have allowed plastic lattice-work in her palace!)

It was a wild party as only an Egyptian princess could throw, and would have been the envy of both Bacchus and Dionysus.