October 12, 2008

Tongue ‘n Cheek Nuptials

A few years ago, I did a Cher impersonator gig at an exclusive beach area country club where I was hired to be one of the guests at a wedding, and a Jack Nicholson impersonator was hired to be the “minister”.  Seriously!

The bridal couple had actually been legally married at a private ceremony a month prior to this bogus wedding, but the guests were completely unaware.   And who better to have at your tongue ‘n cheek nuptials, but ‘Cher’ and ‘Jack’!

As the guests anxiously awaited the arrival of the bride, I entered fashionably late from the back of the room, dressed in black lace and leather (of course), talking in my best Cher voice (“babe”) as I looked for a place to sit.  Guests were surprised and excited to see ‘Cher’ and graciously helped me find a seat.  Then ‘Jack’ entered carrying a Bible (yes, a Bible) and took his place in front to perform the ceremony.

The event was so well organized and choreographed, guests had no idea the “wedding” was not real, even with the arrival of ‘Cher’ and ‘Jack’.  The tongue ‘n cheek nuptials were such success, I think ‘Jack’ is considering performing the ceremony at more “weddings”!