August 18, 2008

‘Cher’ Flips Her Wig

Here’s another story about a Cher impersonator gig at a private country club.

There was no real green room, so the restroom for the club members would serve as my dressing room. I unpacked all my things and started to get into costume when suddenly all the lights went out. Within a few minutes, a maintenance person entered and said power might be restored in 45 minutes. MIGHT be restored! I frantically packed up and looked for someone to find me some kind of dressing room. As I passed through the lobby, guests were starting to arrive.

I was taken downstairs in a freight elevator, led down a ramp and through a long hallway to the employee’s restroom. At least it had lights, even though they were only 25 watt. After getting into costume and touching up my make-up (even though I really couldn’t see what I was doing) I started to prep my big black curly Cher wig. I was holding the base of the Styrofoam head to which it was pinned, when suddenly, as I was brushing the hair on top, the wig and Styrofoam head flew out of my hand, flipped backward and landed upside down in a pile in the corner on the not-so-clean floor.

Gee, what else could happen tonight? How about ‘Elvis’ arriving a half-hour late, smelling like he had been hanging with his buddy, Jack Daniels.

Fortunately, the event went off without further incident, but if the guests had known the chaos that preceded - they would have flipped their wigs!