August 3, 2008

‘Cher’ in the Round

This Cher impersonator gig was a bit unusual in that the audience surrounded me on all sides. The gig was at a country club where a small dance floor (my stage) was set up in the large reception area just inside the club’s main entrance.

On two sides of the dance floor were folding-type chairs. On the third side of the dance floor were a few cocktail tables and chairs, and on the fourth side was a wall with two French doors leading into another room, which contained tables for dining.  OK, this is going to be interesting!

I was about 30 seconds into my first song, ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’, when a woman suddenly appeared yelling and vehemently pointing her finger at the wall with the two French doors. This apparently is the international sign language to turn 180 degrees and perform to the people seated on the other side of the wall in the next room through the French doors. Who knew!

Needless to say, I was a bit dizzy at the end of my show.