June 28, 2008

‘Cher’ - The Banker

This Cher impersonator gig was an in-house music video for a mortgage company where I lip-synched to ‘Believe’, but with “new” lyrics recorded by a local singer.

The video depicted a dream sequence of a bank customer who imagines Cher morphing from a bank teller to a disco mortgage banker. As ‘Cher’, I emerge through a curtain of pens and chains (like ones at the bank counter that never have ink) to dance with bank customers.

For the costume, they provided me with a green bustier and blue snakeskin pants (company colors), which were too short, to which they had to add blue sequined material (where is Bob Mackie when you need him!)

With the current mortgage crisis, I wonder if they are now writing new lyrics to ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’!