April 25, 2008

A “Ticket” to the Oscars

My first Cher impersonator gig was the Academy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium. The job as I understood it: ride in a limo and do some kind of impersonator/comedy “bit” that would air later that night on Fox.

The TV host, cameraman and me (the neophyte Cher impersonator), boarded the limo and headed for the Shrine. As we entered the line-up of limos, I could hear the screaming in the distance. As we inched forward, the screaming became louder and louder, until it finally hit me - we were “crashing” the Academy Awards!

The limo stopped and my stomach was in my throat as the valet opened the limo door. I stepped out of the limo as the crowd was screaming “Cher, Cher”, while I was thinking, “where, where - OMIGOD, I’m busted!”

I turned to see Jodie Foster and Candace Bergen get out of limos and thought, “Oh good, there are other impersonators here tonight.” Unfortunately, they turned out to be the real thing. I proceeded up the red-carpeted stairs and caught sight of 50 cameras with lenses the size of Frisbees all faced in my direction. Oh, this can’t be happening!

We were eventually escorted away only to stand on the street corner waiting for the return of our limo and subsequently, became the object of giggles and queried looks from the dispersing crowd.

Something good did come out of that disastrous evening - a reporter, in her review of the Oscars, wrote about Cher’s two appearances, which you can read about on my Cher Impersonator Testimonials page.