April 16, 2008

“C” is for Halloween

A couple of years ago, I performed at a gig on Halloween night. Now this gig was interesting because the reason I was hired was because the name of the person I impersonate begins with the letter “C”.

The corporation who hired me does an event like this every year on Halloween and each year they select a different letter that becomes the theme for the evening. That is, guests were required to come to the party in a costume depicting a character or person that begins with the letter “C”, which meant Elvis was not even allowed in the building!

Some of the characters/costumes in attendance: a cockroach (who mostly stayed around the food stations); a Canadian; a cowboy and cowgirl; a Caesar (who was hangin’ with Cleopatra most of the evening); a Cheesehead; and, a Christmas Tree (which reminded me I only had 54 shopping days left!). Costumes were colorful and creative. (OK, enough “C”s already!) I should have brought Chastity with me on this gig. (I mean it - Stop!)

The room had amazing decorations, even though they didn’t begin with the letter “C” - skulls, spiderwebs and jars filled with liquids floating eyeballs and body parts. I wonder what letter they’ll go with this year!