April 10, 2008

Casket Fit for a King

I had an interesting (and a bit creepy) gig recently - a 2-day mix & mingle at a funeral director’s trade show.  Three impersonators were hired - Elvis, Dolly and yours truly, Cher - to attract attention at a casket manufacturer’s booth.  You see, this is why God created impersonators - because the real celebrities wouldn’t be caught dead at a job like this! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Actually, it really wasn’t as morbid as it sounds - people in the funeral business really know how to have a good time.  We had a lot of traffic to the booth and took hundreds of photos with some very nice people from all over the country.  Our booth displayed some very beautiful caskets, one of which was silver-plated with gold corner pieces - a casket fit for a King, or rather The King.

The trade show featured vintage hearses, body scoopers/lifters (which the sales agent wanted me to demo, but I thought would be more appropriate for the Elvis to demo), and the technology to convert grandma into a semi-precious stone to wear on your finger or around your neck. OK, now THAT is creepy!

All in all, the three of us had a good time and enjoyed working the event………and lived to tell about it!  (Sorry again, I couldn’t resist.)