March 27, 2008

The Rubber Chicken

On New Year’s Eve, 2007, I had a walk-around gig at an Indian Casino where no alcohol was served. OK, that’s different. The Casino served sparkling apple juice in plastic champagne “glasses” at the stroke of 12 am. So things went pretty smooth all night and nobody got hurt, but one strange incident did occur.

Just as we (my fellow impersonators and I) were gathered at the casino entrance, waiting for the limo to take us back to the “green room”, wishing everyone who passed by a “Happy New Year”, suddenly we turned to see a young woman “attack” the Charlie Chaplin impersonator. That is, she came up behind him and flung her arms around him, gyrating her lower body in some rather suggestive motions.”Charlie” was thrown off-balance and somehow they both ended up on the floor with “Charlie” face-down and this young woman riding him like a mechanical bull! (Obviously, this young woman did not have the sparkling apple juice.)┬áIt happened so fast, we all just stood there in disbelief.

Eventually, someone pulled the young woman off of “Charlie” and escorted her outside. Poor “Charlie” stood up, brushed himself off and pulled out the rubber chicken that had been in his back pocket and wordlessly exclaimed to the crowd that she had flattened his chicken! (Although, I think rubber chickens are pretty much flat right out of the box). What a true professional - “Charlie” never broke character.

As we departed the casino and headed for the limo, the young woman spotted “Elvis” and started to make a beeline for him. Fortunately, we all made it safely to the limo without further incident, including the rubber chicken.